White Lotus System / Technical Solutions

SparringWhen engaged in combat, under random combat conditions, there are many reasons why martial art practitioners fail to achieve combative objects. The main reason they fail is because the techniques being executed by them are not meant to work against the opposing combative conditions they’re encountering. They fail to understand that each opposing combative condition requires a specific technical solution. Since the very beginning, the development of martial preparation has been about discovering combative conditions and learning technical solutions that will enable martial art practitioners to achieve specific combative objectives. Unfortunately, most martial art practitioners can only achieve their objectives when someone isolates, and provides them with, the opposing combative condition needed to succeed.

Do you realize that each technique that’s learned is supposed to be a specific combative solution? Are you aware of the opposing combative conditions that are correlated with the technical solutions being learned? How many techniques have you learned – 50, 100, or a few more than that? Do you realize that there are over twenty million combative conditions? Do you have twenty million technical solutions? Do you belief that you’ll be able to defend yourself with the limited number of techniques you possess? In the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat┬« we’ll teach you how to have all the solutions needed to engage under random combative conditions. We’ll teach you the elements of unarmed combat, how to use them in a modular manner, so that you can really achieve combative objectives with a high and measurable degree of consistency.

Brian K Leishman
Founder / White Lotus Educator
White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®