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Introduction 300 DPINow Available Online – Only $9.95 CNDOver the years many individuals, such as myself, have written books on this fascinating subject matter. Conventionally, martial arts is thought to be an expression that refers to various forms of armed combat and unarmed combat. In one form or another, martial preparation has existed for thousands of years. Although interesting, the history of martial preparation will not be discussed in this body of work. Your overall attention will be directed towards the ideologies associated with the “New Evolution of Martial Preparation“. With this in mind, the introduction includes a synopsis of the associated learning processes, art form processes, and combative processes. To date, the “New Evolution of Martial Preparation” represents the most comprehensive martial art studies in the world. This is no exaggerated claim, which you’ll come to understand provided that you’re able to bring each dimension, study, and sub-study through to a proper level of completion. This introduction was created for the purpose of providing interested individuals with some basic insight into this unique method of martial preparation.Link: K Leishman
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